WEAC Region 1 Workshop Menu 2019-2020

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Structuring Your Observation for Success. Strategies to make the most of it & tips to prepare all year long. 

Compensation Systems: Need to Know. Taking charge of your career means understanding pay systems. 

National Board Certification. Find out if it’s for you, and get support. 

Science of Happiness. Mindfulness helps you &your students. Join other educators to boost your happy.

Restorative Practices.Learn this framework to build relationships that create safe & supportive schools. Presented by Chauna Perry Finch, school social worker and founder of Restorative TCS, LLC and funded in part by an NEA Great Public Schools Grant.

How to Get Fired.The top 13 ways to get fired from your teaching job – a highly entertaining “what not to do” session

Understanding the FBA and Behavior Plans.Analyzing the educational environment. What many find to be a surprising view of who and what needs to change when students make social and emotional learning errors.

You Can Do This.A day of offerings for educators in year 1 to 5 in their careers. (Saturday, October 5th, 2019 New London WI).


Effective Communications. Strategies to make the most of your member communications.

First Amendment. Know your rights & advise members of theirs. 

Student-Centered Messaging. Learn to write persuasive letters & communications with students at the center.

GOTV Planning. Elections matter & with the right planning, you can turn out the education vote.

School Board Elections. Learn what works to elect education champions. 

Referendums. Learn what works to rally your community around school referendums.

Social Media, The First Amendment and Your Job. Learn about your rights and the do’s and don’ts when it comes to social media and the public education employee.

Your Rights and the Violent Student. This session provides an overview of your rights when confronted with violent students from a legal perspective.


Relational Interdependent Organizing. The ABC’s of building strong organizations based on relationships and shared values

Membership Drive Planning. Learn what works & how to answer the tough questions.

Certification Pros & Cons. Is certification right for your local? Here’s what to consider.

Early Career Educators. Reaching the next generation of educators doesn’t have to be complicated. Get the latest scoop. 

Beating Back the Bully Principal. Based upon a workshop from the Labor Notes conference in Chicago in April 2018, this session will help members fight back against an environment of fear that affects teachers, school staff, and even students. School tyrants rely on well-known tactics: targeting, divide-and-conquer, harsh retaliation, favoritism, andsecrecy. This workshop will offer concrete tests, and accessible steps you can take to build up collective courage among colleagues and challenge the culture of fear in your school. 


New Leader Boot Camp. Help for new leaders to be confident & competent in all things union.

Member Representation. Get prepared to handle just about anything that may come your way.

10-Minute Meetings. Real-world examples & resources to make your union more relevant.  

Local Unit Meetings. How to run them and why to have them. 


Don’t be Jack. Lessons in financial literacy and starting your career on the right path.

Retirement Planning 101. It’s never to early to make a plan for retirement.

Long-Term Care. In today’s world, you need to know the facts about long-term care.


Professional Growth Continuum. Learn about this road map to designed to help ESP grow professionally.

ESP Micro-Credentials. Especially for ESP, bring together members to advance skills and build relationships.


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WEAC Region 1 Workshop Menu 2019-2020

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