November 20, 2019 Region 1 Board Meeting Minutes

MEETING:           WEAC Region 1 Board of Directors

DATE:                    November 20, 2019 – 6:30 pm

PLACE:                  WEAC Region 1 Office

16 W. John Street

Rice Lake, WI 54868

Attendance:       Tammy Erickson, Randy Goss, Matt Shilling        Staff:  Dan Beck, Ali Holzman

Zoom:   Chris Muenich, Sam Malm, Rick Seppa, Scott Ellingson, Teresa Webber


  1.  Call to Order     6:30P     Tammy Erickson
  • Adoption of the Agenda (With Flexibility) and New Business Items*

Motion to approve                                         Rick S                    2nd Randy G       Passed

  • Approval of the Consent Agenda Items*
    • Motion to approve                                         Randy G               2nd  Rick S            Passed
  • Minutes of previous meeting*
  • Written Report of the President*
  • Written Report of the Regional Director*
  • Consent Items Held*
  • Program Reports*
  • Report of the President
  • Report of the Vice President
  • Report of the Treasurer – Approval of August and September Financials*
    • Motion to approve August Finance Teresa W             2nd  Chris M        Passed
    • Motion to approve September Fin   Rick S                    2nd  Chris M        Passed
  • Report of the Membership and Organizing Committee
  • Report of the Professional Issues Committee
  • Report of the Government Relations Committee
  • Report of the Communications and Public Relations Committee
  • Report of the ESP Committee
  • Old Business
    • Donation/Support Guidelines
      • Dan, Randy, Lynn, Rick, Chris – No one in WEAC has guidelines on paper, everyone seems to ask the same questions we do.
      • Motion to develop guidelines for future donations Randy – Rick  Passed
  • New Business*
    • Welcome Program Check-In/Local Activity Reports
      • New member in Hayward, WEAC VP came to Glenwood City and River Falls
      • Jan 22, 20 – Glenwood City Welcome Event
      • Hudson & River Falls – Sharing a financial session
  • Membership Report
    • 33 on the year / at this time 50 in ’18 / still 117 short
    • Finalize Conference Schedule
      • Keynote – Judy Foust / Sessions set / Send agenda to presenters next week /
      • Registration planned for beginning of December
    • Morris Andrews Memorial Fund*
      • Tammy E – presented information
    • Collective Bargaining Discussion
      • Dan B – WEAC RA (2019) – NBI #9 Survey members about collective bargaining
    • Legislator Report Cards Discussion
      • Dan B – Legislative report cards are matched to school report cards / WEAC sent Legislative report cards to local news
    • National Media Outlet
      • DB – Reporter looking for a WI teacher with 10 years of experience (started during the economic melt down, taught through Act 10, and may have student debt
    • NEA Strong 2020
      • TE – Click on Take Action  / fill short description
  • Executive Session*
  • Announcements
  1. Adjourn
  1. Motion to Adjourn          Randy G               2nd Sam M           Passed  7:17PM

*Action/Possible Action Items