Election of WEA Academy Board of Directors

At the February 22, 2020 WEA, Inc. Board of Directors meeting, the Inc. Board will be conducting elections to the WEA Academy Board of Directors.  Anyone wishing to be considered must file their intention with the office of the WEAC Executive Director by January 21, 2020, and will be invited to speak at the February Board meeting. The meeting will be held at the WEAC Office in Madison. Please contact Bob Baxter at baxterb@weac.org to file intention. 

The following terms will expire as of August 31, 2021:
                                                                                                          NEXT TERM
TERM                         BASIS OF ELECTION                                  TO EXPIRE
Remainder of             Vacancy – At-Large Member                   August 31, 2021
3-year term

Remainder of             Vacancy – At-Large Member                   August 31, 2021
3-year term)

What to Know About Serving on the WEA Academy Board – 2019-2020

For those considering a seat on the WEA Academy Board of Directors, it might be helpful to review the following:

  • The nine-member Board is committed to providing all educators quality, needs-based professional development.
  • Board members are elected to three-year terms.
  • Board members are involved in initiating and maintaining professional development programs that meet the every-day needs of educators.
  • The Board assists in setting priorities and policies, developing and reviewing program design, and ensuring quality.
  • Members are active in promotional efforts that include the development of marketing materials, staffing the WEA Academy booth at conventions and conferences, member needs data collection and analysis, and presenting information to various groups and individuals throughout the state and country.
  • Approximately 4 meetings are held each year.  Some meetings may be via web or telephone conferencing.
  • A summer meeting is sometimes held in July or August.
  • The Board is currently in the process of exploring new and exciting partnerships and professional development opportunities for our members. 

Here is the election procedure for those running for the WEA Academy Board:

  • The election for the WEA Academy Board of Directors is held at the summer WEAC board meeting that is usually held in the end of July or early August.
  • Candidates for the WEA Academy Board must be nominated by a member of the WEAC Board of Directors at the meeting during which the election is held.
  • The WEAC board member from a candidate’s Region is usually asked by the candidate to do this. However, a candidate may have any board member place his/her name in nomination.
  • The candidate may wish to address the board giving some biographical information, reasons, and interests for running for the WEA Academy seat. In some cases, the nominating board member speaks on the candidate’s behalf.