President’s Connection

President’s Connection

It seems like yesterday I was on the deck, the first day school was out, soaking in the sun, drinking coffee, thinking, “Life is good and we have 3 months.”  Well that was about the last time I had time to sit on that deck.  Summer went by fast!  I hope you had time to relax, enjoy and fill the summer with things you love to do.  I have been busy working with our Regional Directors, Staff, and Executive Board to improve Region 1 and make our union stronger!  I counted 27+ days this summer dedicated to our Union.

Our union is you, and your members of your staff in each school.  We are the union and our voice is stronger when we are together.  We need to keep working to build back and regain our voice, our strength and our future.  We cannot do it without you.

WEAC & Region 1’s mission statement and organizing principles are that we need to work to engage members, create community support and engage in advocacy for quality public education for all. We will direct and strengthen our union around a defined set of values connected to social justice and grassroots organizing, achieving quality wages, benefits, and working conditions for all members. In addition we will advance the profession by empowering all educational entities to strive for collaboration and high professional standards.  A great reminder as we move into our new year.

I am asking that each of you consider attending trainings, events, and/or zoom meetings this year.  The more people that attend events, the better our events turn out.  We had some strong events last year and each year they get better as people discover them and our communication improves.  We are having Princess Moss from NEA attend our picnic on August 16th!  Wow, what a great way to talk to leadership while playing a game of bean bags or eating a picnic supper outside in front of our office or inside!  Our state leader Arlene Braden will be there too.  You can eat, play, bring family, and enjoy meeting other locals, meet with member benefits, and more.  Let’s have a reunion!   I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to be there!

Another great event is on September 29-30th (note calendar said 28-29).  There will be great speakers and a great chance to collaborate with your colleagues around our region. Eau Claire is putting on the Saturday portion of our conference and inviting Region 1. I hope to see you there on Friday night.  What a treat!

Enjoy your last few days before we start a wonderful year and I’ll see you soon!

Debra Bell

Region 1 President