Thoughts from Region 1 President Deb Bell

April is a very busy month with teaching, WEAC Board meeting, meetings to prepare for the Summer Academy, the WEAC RA in Stevens Point, and the first ever Wisconsin Teacher Leader Voice Summit at Lambeau Field on April 27-28 in Green Bay, WI.  This summit, called “Every Teacher a Leader”, invited Wisconsin educators to ignite a discussion around the importance of teacher leadership and elevating the collective voice of our educators.  The event will provide expertise and support for Wisconsin educators to workshop an idea for a project, and to spotlight exemplary models of teacher voice – all with the aim of promoting, elevating, and growing teacher voice and leadership statewide.

I am so excited we have 4 schools from Region 1 attending this prestigious event.  There were 55 applications and 16 teams were chosen.  Teams of 3-5 people applied from schools all around the state.  It will be an event to remember and our teams will work hard to work on their project.  River Falls, Northwoods, Lake Holcombe and Bayfield were the schools chosen from our region.  In May, I will be sharing how this event turned out and hopefully next year we have more applicants from our Region 1 schools.  This event is being hosted by the DPI with support from WEAC, WASB, TOYN, WASDA – all the people involved in education are supporting this summit.  Watch for news on this in the near future.

I hope you saw our “Growing and Learning” news article in the WEAC report which came out right after our conference.  The event was a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.  Networking was wonderful and a great chance to renew friendships and meet new people.  I hope to see you at our next conference.

Enjoy the warming of the sun.  Enjoy the everyday moments that students surprise you with.  Don’t miss them.  This is the time of year to really celebrate the growth of your students from the beginning of the year.  Pat yourself on the back for all your hard work and dedication.


Best Regards,

Debra Bell

Region 1 President