Thoughts from Region 1 President Deb Bell

Dear Region 1 Members,

I’d like to propose an idea to our members.  In light of perceptions of public education, an educator is asking for all educators to change public perception.  Amy Bahaynah is asking for teachers to post on social media once a week, a positive experience that has happened in their classroom.  I know that is asking a lot but even if you could post great experiences as they happen it would start a snowball effect and help people to see that we really have great public schools.  We are our own best advocate.  Use #lovemypublicschool or #iamapublicschoolteacher and spread the love! AND use whatever hashtag you like.  It will be fun to watch for your posts!  Let’s be our own best advocates and spread the word that public schools are amazing!

Here is my first story I posted:  I had a student that was having a bad day last week.  He was very sad and couldn’t do anything in class.  A lot was going on at home.  I asked the students, “What can we do to support our friend?”  The students gave all kinds of answers.  We can tell him we are his friends, remind him to breathe, we can have him clear his mind and have him look at us, his friends, that are there for him, have him sit up straight and believe in himself, etc.  He was very moved.  We then did his assignment and he did better than he has ever done before, doubling his time on our math timing working on fluency.  After the timing, I asked his friends, why is it you suppose our friend did so well on his assignment?  Another friend of his said, because when your friends support you, you can do more than you ever thought you could.  I had goose bumps from their conversation.  Every student felt supported even though, we had focused on just one of our friends. #lovemypublicschool, #iamapublicschoolteacher

As of this writing our first ever “Learning and Growing Conference” is close to happening on March 10-11th.  We have amazing speakers and a great place to host our day.  I am hoping that we receive input from members on what you would like to see in next year’s conference, where and when you would best like it to be.

WEAC had a successful professional development day in Madison.  These kinds of professional development opportunities make a great answer when somebody asks “Why are you a union member?”.  Also remember to go to the WEAC savers website and print off local coupons.  You can save money locally or online from your website.  I just downloaded the app on my phone:  My Deals Mobile.  You can pull up WEAC coupons for places at your location or right at the store or at home and print them off.  It’s a great way to save money.

Happy saving!

President Bell