Thoughts from President Deb Bell

Dear Members,
I hope to meet many of you at our General Membership meeting on January 21st at our Rice Lake office.  Come learn what has changed and what we are doing.  We will be handing out information on the upcoming events.  It is time for us to make some positive changes together.  The biggest hurdle we have is making sure you as a member know what is happening so you can be involved and find the best way to make your life better.  Think about the impact we could have if we all help each other stay connected.  Sound familiar?

We have been working diligently at Region 1 to improve our communication with you.  I am excited to let you know we have improved our newsletter, our system of contacting members, and more.  We have a lot of people working hard to make sure you are getting information about what is going on in Region 1, WEAC and NEA. The people working hard are our staff and our members who teach during the day and spend their free time working to make our union stronger and build on where we are at.  The more informed our members are, the more they understand what is happening and feel involved.

Our Region 1 team has been working to prepare for a Professional Development and Organizing Conference on March 10-11th.  This event will take place in Eau Claire at the Lismore Hotel downtown.  Eau Claire is a great destination to explore.  They have redone their downtown and there is a lot to do and see after our conference. With the help of a WEAC grant, an excellent lineup is being prepared – now we need you to come and experience it!

Check out our flyer and come join us for a fun day of learning!  Also, if you have an idea or topic you would like to present or see presented, please let us know here.  As we plan future conferences, we need ideas, we need support; we need you!

Speaking of support, another person needing our support is Tony Evers.  He is running for State Superintendent.  WEAC had a PAC committee interview of candidates and it was unanimous to support Tony Evers.  He was also endorsed by WEAC State board on Saturday at our meeting.  I’ll be sending out more information soon about his election.


In Solidarity,

Debra H. Bell

Region 1 President