Region 1 Members Are Golden

All WEAC Region 1 members are Gold Tier members of the Quality Educator Initiative (QEI), a free benefit with WEAC membership.

QEI helps members write their PDPs, find review team members, navigate the approval and verification processes online, and get help when they need it. This service has proven more user-friendly for most members than trying to navigate the DPI version of the PDP site. Not only that, but Gold Tier members get benefits other QEI members don’t, including the opportunity to take the QEI writing course for free, and tap into professional support through the 1-2-1 Remote Connect and Priority Member Assistance programs.

Spread the word! This free benefit for WEAC Region 1 members helps to take the headache and apprehension out of the PDP process. Be sure that you’re encouraging new and potential members to take advantage of this benefit.