FYI – WECAN Redesign Requires Updates

Just as a bit of an update regarding all things education, WECAN (the most used educator hiring site in WI) will be updating its site on January 30th. Candidate data will not be transferred to the new version of the site. This means that all the time and effort that you put into your WECAN candidate profile could potentially be lost.

To avoid this, if you are or plan to be job searching in the near future, be sure to make it a point to update your profile on WECAN once the new site is unveiled. Even if you’re not job searching, educators are encouraged to login to WECAN and select “print” on their profile. Once selecting print, copy and paste all previously recorded information into a Google or Word document and save it. Once, the update is unveiled, it will be as simple as opening that document and pasting your information back into the new version of the site!