Plan now for October 6 Walk-Ins to Reclaim our Schools


The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS) is linking together parents, educators, students, school staff and community members in dozens of cities across the country on October 6 as they WALK IN to support the quality public schools that all our students deserve.

The first nationally coordinated WALK-IN took place on February 17 and brought out over 35,000 participants at over 800 schools in 31 cities. In October, teachers, parents and students will walk in to schools in over 200 cities.

What are Walk Ins? Just that! Parents, Teachers and students gather out front of their school 30-45 minutes before their duty-day starts. They picket, have donuts, coffee, etc. And then they all Walk-In together. Given the never-ending attacks on public education that many of our cities endure, this provides a positive action that that says that these are our schools and our communities. It also builds solidarity among our members as they will feel the power of collective action.

Teachers, parents and students are walking in to reclaim our schools and advocate for the public schools all children deserve. But each individual city will have its own local focus or flavor. In Milwaukee, folks are fighting against the takeover and chartering of their schools. In San Diego the focus is opting out of high stakes tests. In Seattle, they’re fighting for more funding. In your city, your coalition of labor and community partners will tailor your walk-in to the issue that is right for you.

The NEA Representative Assembly passed a new business item in support of the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools and the nationally coordinated October 6 “walk-ins”.

The complete text of NBI #1 is here:

NEA will encourage its Pre-K-12 and Higher Ed locals to affiliate or participate in AROS-Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools and NEA will support the next major AROS nationally coordinated Walk-in on October 6 with social media and media support, with internal communications that notify affiliates and locals, and within existing means–budgets, staffing–provide training and support for locals/affiliates choosing to join the event.

“Just imagine how powerful our message and echo chamber will be if hundreds of our locals, representing thousands of educators, students and families, stand up for the schools our students deserve on the same day, along with our partners,” said WEAC President Ron Martin.

Walk-ins can lift up your own local or state message or campaign, or can borrow from materials prepared in general support of great public schools for all.

Editable flyers and materials are available at


Participants will receive resources that include press and social media support, and access to webinars.